Turkish Towel Uses

There are so many ways to enjoy Havlu Sport Turkish Towels!

Here are just a few:

  • Fitness - compact shower towel, sweat towel, spa and sauna towel, yoga towel
  • Water Sports - cover-up, beach towel, pool and beach chair cover, boating towel
  • Recreational - picnic blanket, outdoor table cover, camping, hiking,
  • Baby - diaper changing, swaddle, stroller blanket, beach and pool wrap, car seat protector, Pack ‘n Play blanket, shopping cart seat cover
  • Home Décor - Chair throw, mantle cover, kitchen hand towel, decorative bath towel, guest towel, bed runner, decorative bar cover
  • Pets - Dog-park towel, furniture and car seat protector, bath towel, decorative birdcage cover
  • Clothing - Pareo or sarong, Pashmina, scarf, waist wrap
  • School - toddler nap blanket/snuggly, backpack lunch towel, locker towel, dorm shower, P.E. towel, dorm décor
  • Gifts - can be monogrammed and personalized for welcome baskets, bridal gifts, birthdays, baby gifts, wedding presents, etc.

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