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The Birth of a Towel

When your child plays water sports, water polo in my case, you become accustomed to dealing with a bazillion wet towels. Trying to keep up with washing piles of stinky towels was my life. You could say I was a “towel aficionado.”

That all changed in serendipitous fashion during a tour through Turkey in the fall of 2015. Little did I know that a trip to this fabulous country would change my life forever. On the last day of our vacation, my friend and I discovered the most incredible hand-loomed, 100% Turkish cotton towels. They were like nothing else we had seen on our travels– the colors, the patterns, the quality and the tassels! I instantly knew that they would be something our friends and family would love, and on-the-spot I decided to bring these fabulous towels home to introduce to everyone.

After ordering a delivery of literally a ton of towels, the Havlu brand began. “Havlu,” the Turkish word for towel, reminded me of where these wonderful towels were made, and also of the artisans who were keeping the centuries-old custom of weaving alive. Seeing how much our friends and family loved these towels, I went back to Turkey to learn all about the art of weaving. I visited the homes of weavers and watched them work their looms. I saw how much time and effort goes into making a single towel. It compelled me to share these amazing products with the rest of the world.

I am proud to say that Havlu Sport Turkish Towels are the best on the market. Not only are they versatile and convenient, they are made from 100% pure Turkish cotton, completely free from toxic chemicals and residues. Each towel complies with strict OEKO-TEK® standards, making them top quality towels from design, through fiber selection, manufacturing and delivery.  It is of utmost importance that my customers love Havlu Sport Turkish Towels.
And it looks like they do…

I simply adore my Havlu Sport Towel! There is no better beach towel around. It resists sand and is so lightweight. Easily fits into my beach bag, too.
J. Haines - Del Mar, CA




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