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About Us

Two Moms and So Many Towels

We became friends the way most women with children do – on the bleachers. Our kids played water polo together, and between the two of us, we happily gained over 20 years’ experience dealing with a bazillion wet towels. Yep, we’ve handled our share of towels and consider ourselves to be towel aficionados.

We didn’t set out to start a business

It just happened. We were on a tour in Turkey and on the last day of our trip, we found the most incredible hand-loomed 100% organic Turkish towels. They were like nothing else we had seen on our travels– the colors, the patterns, the quality and the tassels! We instantly knew that they would be something our friends and family would love, and on-the-spot we thought we’d bring these fabulous towels home to introduce to everyone.

With literally a ton of towels at our doorstep, we formed our business and a brand.  “Havlu,” the Turkish word for towel, reminded us of where these wonderful towels were made. We titled our collections after our beautiful streets in Pasadena where we live.  To us, it is a bit of the past blended with the present… just like our towels.

Soon enough, our friends fell in love with the towels as much as we did.  So we went back to Turkey to learn as much as we could about the art of weaving. We have great memories of spending time in the homes of the weavers and watching them work their looms. We saw how much time and effort goes into making a single towel. That special trip remains the highlight of all our travels; it has made us more determined than ever to help keep this dying art of slow weaving alive.

Organic? Absolutely 100%

Without a doubt, the fibers you put against your skin need to be in their purest form without being subjected to toxic chemicals, pesticides and other pollutants. We are dedicated to sourcing products made from 100% organic cotton. So, wherever it is available, we source products that are made with 100% GOTS certified cotton– from harvesting raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing– we feel good knowing that these products are held to the highest ‘green’ standards – for us, the earth and the environment.

Are we picky? Well, let’s just say we’re really particular about quality, fiber, style, and pattern. It has to resonate with us in order for us to show it to you.  We promise to curate our collections and bring you only the softest towels and most unique home textiles that we can find on our journeys.

Our best to you,

Allison & Dianne






Experience the soft luxury of organic Turkish towels and textiles


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