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Havlu Sport Turkish Towels are designed to be used daily and get softer and more absorbent with each wash. The perfect year-round towel, they dry very quickly, resist mildew and need to be laundered less often.  

Before you use your towel for the first time

We recommend soaking towels in cold water and then hanging them to dry.  Try filling your washing machine with cool water and letting your towels soak overnight.  After soaking, run the spin cycle and line dry.   Natural cotton needs to be "broken in", which allows the fibers to bloom, become softer and reach maximum absorbency. Each machine wash thereafter will make your towels become softer and more absorbent. This isn't a must, but soaking the towels gives the cotton a jump start similar to washing and drying them many times.
Every time after that
Gently machine wash your Turkish towels in warm or cold with similar colors. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.  Although these products make your towels smell great, they actually coat the fibers making them less absorbent. Never use bleach and do not to mix the wash with items that have zippers or hooks as they might get tangled in the tassels.


Tumble dry your towels using a lower heat setting.  Air drying is always the best as too much heat can damage the integrity of cotton and make them less absorbent. 

Keeping your towels soft

Using too much soap can make your Turkish towel fibers become hard over time.  Adding one cup of white vinegar to your wash periodically will help to remove residue and improve the softness and absorbency of your Turkish towels.

What to do with pulled threads or unraveled tassels

If your towel has a snagged thread, simply cut the thread off. This will not damage your towel due to the way it has been loomed.

The tassels are hand knotted and if one unravels can be easily re-tied. Separate the threads into two bunches and twist each section clockwise until fully twisted. Take each bunch and wrap around each other in a counter-clockwise direction until fully twisted around each other. Tie a knot at the end of the tassel.


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