Turkish Towels Score High with Students

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Starting the new year fresh is the goal of every student, and Havlu Sport Turkish Towels will make every day an A+!

What could be more comforting to a toddler who is going to school for the first time, than a snuggly reminder of home? Our Turkish towels are lightweight for little arms to tote to preschool (or stash into a backpack) to cuddle up with during kindergarten nap time or story time. Monogramming a child’s name or a familiar design on their Turkish towel will make young students feel extra special as they learn their ABC’s, and can be presented as a “big kids’ snuggly” to encourage the discarding of a worn out “blankie” or binkie. Plus, moms and dads can feel complete confidence that the premium fabric used to make Havlu Sport Turkish Towels is of the best quality… so soft and natural, using 100% Turkish cotton to comfort the ones they love. 

Older kids can set a new trend when they bring a Turkish towel along with them to school. They can be worn across the shoulders when the fall weather drops in the late afternoon hours, or to endure a chilly walk home from school. An unexpected rain shower? No worries! A clever use for a Turkish Towel is its effectiveness as a last-minute umbrella at the bus stop, or to dash to class… and afterwards, it can be shaken out and hung up to dry in a locker, or across the back of a desk chair. Unlike ordinary towels that stay damp and can stink up a backpack or locker in no time, our quick-drying, mildew-resistant Turkish towels are a fresher choice for every student.

One of the other major benefits of Turkish cotton towels is their ability to take up very little space, making them awesome additions to a school backpack as clean-up towels after lunch or recess. And gym time is better for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin - or kids who are prone to break-outs – who will certainly benefit from the use of a pure and natural Turkish towel instead of the harsh, chemical-laden towels that many schools provide. 

Lunch time is munch time! And what cooler way to claim a special spot at the lunch table than with a decorative Turkish towel? They also work great laid across a student’s lap when sitting on a bench or the ground. And because Turkish towels are naturally crumb-resistant, they can be shaken out easily and used throughout the school week.  

Students of every age will benefit from the comfort and versatility of Havlu Sport Turkish Towels!      
Havlu Sport Havlu Sport Turkish Towels Pasadena Turkish Towels Turkish Towel

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