“Fall” in Love with Turkish Towels!

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When summer fades and the days get shorter, thoughts of fall sports come to mind. This is a perfect time to take advantage of the many benefits of Havlu Sport Turkish Towels! 

Devoted parents spend hours watching their little athletes score, so why not enjoy their games in comfort? Bring an easy-to-stow Turkish towel along to use as a wrap during an AYSO competition, when the sun dips down before the game is over. And bleacher seats are much more tolerable with the warmth and comfort of a folded Turkish towel. Our extra-large Turkish towels can also be used as blankets when the ballfield sidelines are flanked with damp, itchy grass. And when it’s time for snacks for the team, pile treats up on a crumb-resistant Turkish towel. Since our 100% natural Turkish towels get softer with every wash, they make perfect towels for sweaty little faces or to use as comfy wraps after water polo games. The possibilities are endless!

Tailgating before an NFL or college football game is a great American pastime, so make every pre-party special with Turkish towels! They are lightweight and can be used as picnic table cloths, then easily shaken out and stowed back into the car. Turkish towels are also a clever item to bring along to cover chilly stadium seats and use as a lap blanket or wrap when the game goes into overtime. 

With Havlu Sport Turkish Towels you will be the big winner!

Havlu Sport Havlu Sport Turkish Towels Turkish Towel

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