College Days are Brighter with Turkish Towels!

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College is a smart time to embrace the use of a Havlu Sport Turkish Towel. The possibilities are endless! 

Dorm room space is valuable, and Turkish towels fit right in as they are compact and quick drying when used as a bath towel. They are large enough to use as a wrap when walking from the bathroom to dorm room, and when personalized, Turkish towels will be less likely to disappear into someone else’s closet. Note to parents: this is a clever chance to enhance your grown child’s dorm supply list, with a farewell surprise set of one of our monogrammed Turkish towels! 

When it comes to the important task of designing a college dorm room space, Turkish towels are a versatile choice! They can be hung with curtain rods or clips to cover a window, or be stretched across the foot of a dorm room bed for a splash of color, or to wrap up with when studying. And a Turkish towel makes a decorative floor mat to claim a spot for setting shoes or other personal items, or can be tacked up to decorate a big space on a wall that’s begging for some pizazz!

Along with college comes the fun of tailgating! Our lightweight, crumb resistant Turkish towels are perfect for draping across an outdoor food or drink table, and can be easily carried into the stadium to stretch across a cold metal bleacher. And when it gets a bit chilly in the fourth quarter, Turkish towels score high as a wrap to keep warm with to enjoy the entire game in comfort.  

Active college students will love our premium Turkish towels to use as clean covers for yoga mats, or blankets for campus picnics, and can be easily loaded into a backpack for hikes, the gym, pool days and trips to the beach or river. They are easy to wash and hold their shape and color after multiple uses, so they make perfect sport accessory!

The versatility and benefits of Havlu Sport Turkish Towels are endless when it comes to making every college student shine!

Havlu Sport Turkish Towels Pasadena Turkish Towels Turkish Towel

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